April 2012, Workshop at Le Quai, Mulhouse

Thinking in Pictures

Book design for Robin Waart's project Thinking in Pictures. A collection of film moments from 1930 onwards, of moments when someone...

230 x 285 mm
500 pages / 50 copies
Amsterdam 2011

Two Disciplines, One Cup

Catalogue for the Art and Research program initiated by the University of Amsterdam. The publication is proposed to the participants as a...

210 x 297 mm
100 pages / 450 copies
Amsterdam 2011

A Good Story

Two conversations led with Geert van Kesteren and Nicole Robbers inquiring the recent developments within the photojournalism field...

315 x 235 mm
16 pages / 100 copies
Amsterdam 2011

The Show

The Show is a structure built for the campaign of the Rietveld Graduation Show 2011. By asking graduating students...

posters / flyers / videos
Amsterdam 2011


Exhibition and catalogue presenting the work of photojournalists who base their work in critical investigation...

[in progress]
Paris 2012

Let Other Do The Same

Book relating evolutions of the material published on Internet as a source of information. The trial opposing photographer...

108 x 174 mm
200 pages
Paris 2012

The Lettergieterij

Poster annoucing the Open Days of the former Amsterdam's typefoundry.
The building has been transformed...

594 × 841 mm
20 copies
Amsterdam 2011

Le Banc

These furnitures have been designed as a tool reflecting the collaborative practice.
The chairs designed in this process are...

[in progress]
Paris 2012